Hi, I'm Shennie! I was born and raised in Norway, and I moved to Santa Barbara at the age of 19 to pursue my lifelong dream of working as a singer in the beautiful state of California. I have been blessed to have met and collaborated with many talented and amazing individuals who share my passion for creativity and self-expression. One of these fine musicians is Catalina, and I am so excited and grateful for our adventure together! When I'm not singing with her, I work as a vocal coach for children. Singing connects the mind with the heart, and the heart with the soul.

Shennie <3

Hi! I am Catalina. I am a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I moved from my hometown to the city of Santa Barbara, California following love and my desire to develop my music career.  I love cats (it's more like an obsession...), photography and of course, playing music. A lot of people have told me my voice has a mixture of folk, rock, pop, and blues. I like to believe they are right! One of the funnest things I've ever done is playing music with Shennie and I cant wait to share our music with you! See you at the next show? 

Cat :)


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